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GigaCrete’s revolutionary new building system offers an environmentally conscious and truly Green affordable solution that has been viewed by experts as one of the most innovative new solutions on the market today. The GigaCrete system provides superior performance in terms of strength, resistance to fire, moisture, insects, mold, mildew, abrasion and cracking over time. GigaCrete homes can be built in weeks not months utilizing low skilled labor thus offering employment to a wider range of the population. The lightweight components are also carried by hand, eliminating costly cranes and lifting equipment on a job-site. The GigaCrete home is significantly more energy efficient than traditional construction methods. We utilize a minimum of 6 inches of EPS foam and eliminate any thermal bridging by burying the steel framing within the foam core which helps lower the structures overall operating expenses. GigaCrete structures are not reliant on Portland cement, a well know CO2 (greenhouse gas) producer or wood framed construction which causes massive deforestation.
GigaCrete buildings are based on traditional steel framing methods commonly utilized throughout the world today. GigaCrete’s structures can be designed to meet seismic zone 4 as well as 180 mph hurricane force winds. Our patented steel stud connectors are pre-cut for accuracy eliminating job-site waste. Each stud slides down into pre-cut channels cut into solid panels of EPS foam which are then screwed to top and bottom tracks to meet strict international building codes. The steel studs are pre-engineered for structural needs and fit perfectly inside the pre-cut EPS panels requiring a very low labor skill set.
Every building’s interior is finished with PlasterMax (GigaCrete’s proprietary interior finish) the only code approved fire rated finish replacing gypsum board over EPS (expanded polystyrene). PlasterMax is a true one-coat high performance interior finish that naturally bonds with EPS foam, cement block and other substrates lending itself to be utilized in both renovation of existing structures and new construction of the GigaCrete home. Some of the performance benefits are; tough protective finish with 9,000 psi/60 MPa (megapascal /pressure) impact resistance, extremely high abrasion resistance, zero flame spread and smoke developed, noncombustible, exceeds EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CA (California) indoor air quality & VOC (volatile organic compound) standards and will not support mold and mildew growth.
No building is complete without a barrier to the elements, so every GigaCrete structure is finished with StuccoMax (GigaCrete’s proprietary exterior finish) our one-coat high performance exterior coating that naturally bonds with EPS foam, cement block and other substrates used in both renovation of existing structures and new construction of the GigaCrete building. StuccoMax supports an impressive list of attributes including 100 % waterproof, 3,500 psi/24 MPa (megapascal/pressure) compressive strength, noncombustible with zero flame spread and zero smoke development and it is resistant to mold and mildew growth. Competitors stucco products are multiple coat applications; StuccoMax is not only a green eco-friendly product, it is also very fast to apply, it has high impact and abrasion resistance and also resists freeze thaw damage. GigaCrete has proven applications from the steamy jungles of Colombia to frigid Alaskan winters.
We have various methods of financing these units using private financing, crowdfunding, equity lines of credit and traditional conventional financing through our various partners. 


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