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PLASTERMAX by Gigacrete
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GigaCrete manufactures some of the most abuse/water-resistant and high impact coatings as well as high speed home building systems in the market. Our products are cost-competitive, unmistakably 'green' and capturing the attention of world markets anxious to leave behind old and inferior ways to build. 

PlasterMax™ Abuse-Resistant Interior Veneer Plaster is an ultra-high-performance finish for architectural and industrial applications requiring extreme abrasion and water resistance. With its abuse-resistant features (resistant to cracking, indent, water, and abrasion), ease of installation, fire protection, design options, and resistance to mold and mildew, PlasterMax™ offers unparalleled versatility.

Where drywall is the substrate, PlasterMax™  Abuse-Resistant Interior Veneer Plaster in a single product application, provides the ultimate resistance to abrasions far exceeding abuse type drywall. This product is formulated for industrial strengths exceeding 8,500 psi and provides an attractive, smooth or textured finish over a variety of other substrates, such as gypsum board, cement board, CMU block, mag-board, fiber board, monolithic concrete and unit masonry. Typical application thicknesses are 3/16″ depending on the need for extreme abuse resistance.

PlasterMax™ Abuse-Resistant Interior Veneer Plaster is formulated so it requires simple mixing techniques with plaster mixers. This product is manufactured to simplify application and introduce “green” manufacturing techniques. It contains all needed ingredients, no sand is required at the jobsite, resulting in minimal risk of mixing errors.

PlasterMax™ is easy to mix and apply using conventional plaster tools and techniques, and is applied in a scratch and double-back one-coat application along with a 4.5 oz or 11 ounce or heavier fiberglass mesh depending on the abuse resistance needed. For texture finishes, complete texturing after the plaster has firmed up and before the final set. Polyurethane roller texture finishes can also be used and rapidly finished.

PlasterMax™ Abuse-Resistant Plaster was specifically developed for the toughest industrial applications, but it is also an ideal finish for walls in schools, universities, restaurants, medical facilities, hotels, commercial offices, government/military buildings, correctional facilities, multi-family housing, and other high-traffic, high-abuse applications. The strength and abrasion- and abuse-resistance features also provide the means for reduced long-term maintenance costs. See the application details and product specification sheet for specific details of performance. Architects and designers can also take advantage of the wide range of decorative options of this product (click here for examples). Besides many types of smooth and textured finishes,  PlasterMax™ Abuse-Resistant Interior Veneer Plaster can be easily painted or stained PlasterMax™ Abuse-Resistant Interior Veneer Plaste is designed to be environmentally responsible. It emits zero pollutants, and uses less water than similar products currently on the market. All PlasterMax Interior Veneer Plaster products exceed USEPA and California indoor air quality and VOC standards and conserve water compared to other similar products.

For level III (highest) abuse resistance we recommend 3/16″ thickness and it replaces fragile 1/2″ or 5/8″ gypsum board over ICF walls and ceilings. Tested and code approved for ICF’s to ASTM E-136, ASTM E-84 and NFPA-286 code compliance by Intertek (largest materials testing agency) this is another World’s first for GigaCrete and the entire ICF-EPS-SIP’s industries. One thin coat is applied directly over the EPS foam and fiberglass mesh is embedded and then covered over with the same material giving about 3/16″ finished thickness.

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