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STUCCOMAX by Gigacrete
One of The Most Advanced "Green" & Abuse-Resistant Building Material Companies in the World...
GigaCrete manufactures some of the most abuse/water-resistant and high impact coatings as well as high speed home building systems in the market. Our products are cost-competitive, unmistakably 'green' and capturing the attention of world markets anxious to leave behind old and inferior ways to build. 

StuccoMax™ is a true one-coat waterproof stucco designed to adhere directly to any EPS foam, CMU block, DensGlass, Securock, cement block, concrete, stucco and other building materials. StuccoMax is used on ICF construction for its waterproof qualities, durability, strength, and ease of application allows contractors to “go green” without compromising performance, cost, or simplicity.

StuccoMax exterior wall finish coating performs beyond any conventional exterior stucco in the market today with excellent water resistance, permeability, impact and abrasion resistance as well as resistance to mold and mildew. It is the perfect choice for exterior applications, as well as a bonding agent and mortar for manufactured (cultured) stone facings.

The 3/16” one coat application has over 3,500 PSI compressive strength. StuccoMax is designed to be environmentally responsible, utilizing natural limestone sand and NO Portland type cements, it is sustainable and emits no pollutants.


Performance Highlights:

  • Provides a hard, durable single coat over EPS and other exterior walls sheathings, over 3500 PSI compressive strength

  • Applies directly over EPS, stucco or (CMU) cement block etc.

  • Single day application

  • Impact and abrasion resistant

  • High early strengths

  • Low shrinkage minimizing cracking

  • Highly water resistant

  • Resistant to freeze thaw damage

  • Highly resistant to sulphate attack

  • Low permeability, considered a vapor barrier

  • Hand or machine applied

  • Silica free

Installation Highlights:

  • Arrives in bags that are mixed with water at the job site.

  • Applied at 3/16″ thick.

  • Tolerant of misting and trowelling.

  • Can be primed and painted once cured.

  • Can be subjected to freezing temperatures on the day of installation, provided that at least seven hours have been spent curing in temperatures over 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

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